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Abstract-science,-circle-global-network-connection-in-hands-on-sunset-background-672310452_5000x2771 (1).jpegThe intention of Off Grid Yoga School is to spread healing through breath and movement — yoga.

Yoga helps to develop an awareness of both mind and body leading to a mind-body-spirit connection. By practicing yoga in nature, this connection to both ourselves and nature deepens immensely and enhances the experience on our mats.

Off Grid Yoga School is located in the foothills of the beautiful Serra da Estrela Mountains of Central Portugal, nestled in an idyllic valley on the River Seia at the beautiful Cara Creek Eco Lodge.

Explore information on our yoga teacher training program, yoga retreats, and weekly group yoga and private yoga.

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A bit about Ashley – Founder of Off Grid Yoga School


I have found strength and solace on my yoga mat for many years. For as long as I can remember I have sought peace and healing for both myself and those around me. Healing our world and spreading peace starts from within, and for me this peace is found on my yoga mat.

Seeking healing for others is what likely drew me to nursing — my first career. During my years working as a nurse on Pediatric Intensive Care Units, yoga kept me grounded and developed my intuition. Although I no longer work in hospitals, I am so grateful for the lessons from my time there — which I take with me not only into my every day life but also into my yoga teaching.


After I took the leap to deepen my yoga practice by taking a Yoga Teacher Training Program, my passion shifted from nursing to sharing this deeply healing practice with others.


In 2017, my partner and I merged our individual passions together, and moved to Central Portugal where we have created a piece of paradise situated right on the majestic River Seia.img_2811

Building from all natural materials (Rory’s passion) for all things healing and wellness (my passion), we have created a sustainable eco lodge that we are very excited  to share with the world.


Besides teaching group and private yoga, I enjoy taking care of our small farm of pigs, chickens, and goats as well as tending to our organic food garden. Nature walks with our 4 lovely dogs and 1 cool cat is also one of my favorite pass times.

I am so grateful for this life, in which I’m able to practice and teach what I love and live a full yogic lifestyle.

I am a life-long learner and continue to develop my own practice and grow thanks to my insightful yoga colleagues, and most of all from my yoga students.

Sending you love, light and breath…


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