Yoga For Locals

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~ Group Classes ~

Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa style classes are offered in both English and Portuguese at Cara Creek Eco Lodge.

Group class schedule varies based on season.

Please get in touch via contact form, or call Ashley at +351 965 162 534 directly or on WhatApp for our current schedule.

All are welcome regardless of experience with yoga. 

Try your first group class for FREE!


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~ Private Yoga ~

Private yoga allows for time and space to focus on your individual needs, goals, and alignment. I’m able to specify the yoga practice to your level and desire. If you are practicing with a condition or recovering from an injury, private yoga is a safer way to ensure you learn the best variations and modifications for you. Private yoga sessions can also serve as a complement to attending group yoga classes, enhancing your experience by delving deeper individually. adjustment

Sessions can also be arranged as a group activity with your friends and/or family at your home or at Cara Creek Eco Lodge. This can be a beautiful way to spend time together.

Contact me via form below or at +351 965 162 534 directly or on WhatApp to arrange your private yoga session.

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