Yoga Retreats

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We are holding two special, and different types of retreats this July. Both will leave you feeling more connected with nature and more connected with yourself.

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The Back to Nature Retreat from July 10-13th is intended to help you connect deeper with nature and your yoga and meditation practice. The Restorative and Yin Retreat from July 28-31st will be a rejuvenating but more introspective retreat to help you really release and relax.

These retreats will be held three days prior to and three days following our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Those registered for our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will receive a 10% discount; however, all are welcome to either of the retreats!


Follow photo links below to read more about each of the retreats being offered in July.

Back to Nature Retreat – July 10-13th, 2019
Attractive mixed race woman doing restorative yoga
Restorative and Yin Retreat – July 28-31st, 2019
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